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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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san pablo. 27th in downtown walnut creek that caused damage to a crate & barrel store. on the 28th a break in san leandro. on new year's day this break shut off service to two large industrial plants. crews have been working but are quick to point out east bay mud's fast water pipeline covers more than 4200 miles and is decades old, and they're to be expected. >> replacing one mile of pipe is $5 million. >> charles hardy says that each year, east bay mud replaces six to eight miles of pipe and it's not until a pipe breaks that immediate problems are known and move to the front of the line. >> there is very small fraction so most goes into a quick response. >> there is a quick response
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that is necessary. you may be asking yourself who pays for these? the customers do. in berkeley abc 7 news. >> and several tons of card board blocked evening commute for people heading between south bay and san joaquin valley. this big rig flipped over. it happened on highway 152. it's about two miles east of gilroy. fuel apparently leaked from the truck. the driver escaped with just a hurt shoulder. and chp hopes to have it reopened shortly. >> one police officer suffered injuries in at least three others needed to get checked out after a suspected car jacker rammed several patrol cars. today's events began when an officer saw a man being car jacked and police say the robber rear ended an officer
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looking for him. and there is other officer says it crossed with a mother crossing her street with the child. >> they saw this person was going to get someone hurt or killed and they had to bring it to a halt here. >> the chase ended at allen rock avenue and that is where two officers blocked the suv and one officer subdued a suspect with a taser frkts had to use jaws of life to rescue the severely injured officer. a major police response in oakland and and after the second, the suspect took off on foot saying officers lined both sides and made an arrest.
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>> and a hazardous materials incident is under investigation tonight. two garbage collectors got ill when a container burst during a stop at 5:00 this morning. a supervisor came to investigate and got sick. all were taken to the hospital. the materials team identified one of the chemicals as ammonia and are trying to determine if other chemicals were involved. >> a disabled oakland man facing eviction is getting a temporary reprieve. the 60-year-old is talking to sheriff deputies right now instead of being served wilson will now get a mort audit to review his case. he has lived in his house 26 years and says an increase in the monthly mortgage payment went from $2,000 to $3900 combined with a case of identity theft left him on the verge of homelessness. >> it could be different if i had a place to go.
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i don't have anyone left here that is helping me. only person helped me is tanya. >> in addition his friend, the woman just mentioned is using a legal tactic to help him, she was evicted from her home last year but she fought back and repossessed her house, she says she signed a lease on the property to further delay the eviction. >> and in a budget environment when the state is looking for every dollar officials are going after billions tonight. $7 billion in lost revenue caught up in the underground economy. we're live to explain the plan to get it back on the blocks. >> the state says too many businesses in california are cutting corners to make money and a new task force is hoping to put a tent in the underground economy. >> this is not not my employee. >> this is an example of
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someone who can be paying under the table cash. >> there is videotape of numerous operations cashin cashing -- catching businesses hiring people under the table meaning they're not like legitimate businesses. california's underground economy includes landscaping sh restaurants, farming and construction industries is estimated to cost the state $7 billion a year. >> we need something to happen now. >> there is shadow operators has become more popular. the trade says under cutting needs to stop. >> across the state they're explaining how little work there is today. >> and there are several state agencies are exchanging information to crack down on the underground economy and
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hope 2012 will recoup much of the lost p billion. >> by using data we didn't get the real violators, ones who are causing big trouble cheating the state. >> this is under the table because they don't want to pay tax autos it's not popular among day labors like jose. off the books jobs are the only ones they can get in this economy. >> it's not good for us. >> and the nonpartisan analyst paces the new deficit at $13 billion next year so getting the underground economy to pay up would solve half of that. >> and the initiative to make california go to a two year budget psych jill beginning to gather signatures. and this would end
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brinksmanship seen every june. supporters say it would provide school was ability to plan as well as turn politicians into part timer autos and to me that is what they need to do. we've got to shake this place up. there is 6761 bills. make sure they budge writ properly on a two-year basis. >> that needs about 800,000 signatures to qualify and it's decision day in iowa after months of campaigning. first votes will be cast. and here is a live look now at shuler elementary school in des moines, one of many schools using private homes when gathering to test the
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first votes. and republicans are looking for support the president is hosting a lividdo conference. he will outline accomplish manies in the first term and ask for their support. >> and still ahead a local company will let you check your credit report free. but... there is a catch. >> and bone marrow drive looking for people of two specific ethnicities to save a young boy's live. -- life. >> i'm sandhya patel. fog in the morning then, sunshine. but will we see rain any time soon? what the computer models are showing coming up. >> simple factors that could make you more likely to be allergic to cats.
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an animal control officer came to the rescue of a
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terrified dog. it was very dangerous work. you can see that buck panic. the officer tried to get him to hold still. he calmed down for them to cut the rope and finally set him free. >> and a coalition of environmental zbrups challenging the way california deals with an invasive pest claiming they're violating law by allowing indefinite pesticide spraying. attorneys are challenging an impact report prepared by that organization. hundreds of residents from monterey and santa cruz reported getting sick after the agency repeatedly sprayed a largely untested pesticide in 2007. >> the parents of a 4-year-old boy are trying to find a bone marrow donor for him.
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his school is holding a drive this weekend. and it's been tough to find the right donor. >> that is right. we're going to tell you why shortly. this is where that donor drive will take place on saturday between 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. the school on clear view way in san mateo. >> this 4-year-old's bone marrow doesn't produce enough new blood cell autos this means he's not producing any blood cells this is platelets as well. >> he has been in and out of the hospital since december 5th, he needs a bone marrow transplant. his father is making it a
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bigger challenge to find a donor. the agency american donor program. >> in this case he's a mixed race, chinese caucasian. likely will need a chinese caucasian donor, it makes it more difficult to find a perfect match. >> there will be two donor drives for him this month. one in san mateo. another at haight-ashbury free clinic. process starts with a cheek swab that is free and painless. they must be between 18 and 60 years old fchl there is a match found stem cells are collected directly from the blood. kyle's mother is encouraging people to join the bone marrow rej stri some will say i can't imagine. you know? i think parents can imagine what this would be like.
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>> and now, the family has a web site that is kyle needs they're on facebook. we want to mention you can order a swab kit through the asian-american donor program but better is to attend a drive mentioned before. that information is on our web site abc 7 i'm live in san mateo abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and a san francisco charter school damaged by fire will reopen tomorrow. add minute stlaitors hope to reopen the charter school but were not able to despite self days of hard work. first grade teacher lost everything but he is philosophical about the fire that damaged part of a school. >> would i prefer it didn't happen? for sure. but it did happen. and i life was affected as
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people who lost homes? no. this is for me walking into this feels pretty lucky. >> he expects to have his classroom ready for students tomorrow, despite losing 14 years worth of equipment and supplies fchl you'd like to help go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> and there is something you may not have taught about. get being a first cat as an adult doubles a risk of al lerj yeez. the study found the risk increases if the cat is allowed in the bedroom. now, on the flip side those with cats as children are less likely to become alerj wrik as aresults -- adults. the study found allergy risk was up to four times higher among those who are already allergic to things besides cats. the findings are in the december issue of the journal of allergy. >> ask consumer news, what better way to start off the new year than saving money? >> and a lot of money.
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>> first one you don't have to do anything. star buck as announced it's sparing california from a price hike. the price of a tall, that is the small kaufry is going up 10 cents and says the price increase is needed due to the higher costs of fuel. no word why california is spare bud competition may be one reason. >> something many of you have paid for in the past is now available for free. credit today announced that it's offering a free credit monitoring service and there is if this is the beginning of the end it would be wonderful news for consumers because these have always been marketed but never prevented identity theft. and this has been a
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money-maker. >> and this will continue to offer a free credit score. and the karma score will still give you a pretty good idea whether your credit is in good standing. and there is where you may receive product offers from consumers in your demographic. and citi bank is allowing customers to go on facebook and pool your reward points with each other. and city bank is offering a new app to make this easier. you can do it but had to go to citi bank web site then move from there. it's for cards and checking accounts and this is a good
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idea for charity autos right. >> and i love it. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the wintery weather forecast we're seeing. >> this is murky this morning. there is a dense fog advisory. there is delays and things are okay now. we're going to see fog into morning hours. i want to show you a lovely view from heavenly ski resort. i want to tell threw is a snow survey of 2012. there is a snow survey show that's we're 19% of normal state wide z this is driest for the date on record. last year 212% of normal.
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they're saying storage is good. they're optimistic hopefully over next months we'll get good snow storms bringing us snow there. and of course hoping for rain here in the bay area. and there is a lovely view here. the sun is setting and fog this morning stuck around so some areas only into low 50s for afternoon highs. there is a look at the satellite picture. there is some dense fog. a couple patches lingered into afternoon hours and there is temperatures into 50s to low 60s. patchy fog, mostly sunny skies and still no rain over the next seven days possibly beyond that. so january still showing no signs of any rain coming in here soon.
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there is why there is a why jet stream is aimed. these storm systems are riding across the jet stream into canada area. missing us and as long as this remains in place we're not going to see rain here soon so we're hoping that this breaks down soon. and there is no signs of that so we're going with a dry forecast. speaking of dry santa rosa 29% of normal. there is oakland, 37. sacramento running dry this time of the year. there are 34 in fairfield. santa rosa, 36 degrees, other areas into 40s and there is a
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mild afternoon with high clouds. beautiful day is on tap. 66 clear lake. and there is 61 in this half moon bay. there is san jose, 64 degrees, hard to believe but watsonville into low 70 as above normal for this time of the year. there is the accu-weather forecast. it's a milder day tomorrow. there is a weak system passing north of us. into 50s and 60s friday. patchy fog over the weekend. temperatures coming up a few degrees. low to mid-60s and there is monday, tuesday, no rain drops on my accu-weather forecast. i know it's beautiful but it does feel like spring. we're hurting for rain here. we can use this. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead state wide efforts that could allow
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students to opt out of classes for religious reasons. >> and then, at 6:00 billions of dollars in bond money in limbo tonight. it's a snag in funding the controversial high speed rail system. that sat 6:00. we'll be right back here. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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tonight conservative groups are behind an initiative to give a choice. it allows a choice when it comes to subjects involving gays and transgender people. supporters say it follows reasoning behind a law allowing students to not take sex education class autos that it would provide a loud speaker to opt out of instruction if that instruction went against the student or garden's religious
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belief autos critics say it would dissolve the fair education act. >> and it was a record-setting holiday season for down loading apps. a record says a -- a new report says a record-breaking is.2 billion apps were down loaded last week. americans down loaded 509 million apps. chinese down loaded 99 million apps. and experts say gift cards to app stores probably contributed to that huge total. >> and my two teenagers down loaded most of those. >> i figured. >> a fine piece of real estate. >> and it's about to turn into a vacation. ñ @bñbñbñbñbñbñbññ
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it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? at 6:00 tirt where there
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should be snow. california fire crews are watching closely. also, michael finney exposes cracks in a plan and advises all of to us read fine print. and the possible connection between flies, honey bees and a disappearance of the bees from hives. this is coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> and have you ever thought about staying in san francisco's famed presidio? you may get a chance. >> and this is a 22 room inn that will be the first hotel in that park. >> the officers housing is being turned into a revenue again rating hotel including a restaurant. >> the government ordered park to be self sustaining but next year. critics say it's commercializing an historic gem. >> it's going to be enjoyable for those there. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us.


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